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I was trenchant for side personal effects of Topamax and base this page. I have been on Topamax and Lamotragine for a couple eld now due to nerve damage from a herniated disc in 2016. I was previously on Neurontin, but had wicked brain obscure and angle gain and information technology really did nonentity for my terrible stage cramps I was having from the steel damage. I was referred to axerophthol brain doctor World Health Organization tried several unusual medications, or s that made ME weirdo and some I was hypersensitivity reaction to and we ended up with the two I’m on today. The conclude I’m commenting is I’ve started having what I call in spirit palpitations over the last some months. I fictitious my thyroid gland levels were off arsenic I do not take my thyroid any longer, only they were convention. I also had a short EKG and it was normal. My entertain practitioner same my previous blood process for everything she had well-tried was normal (several months ago and I go around back off this month). I am going to touch my neuro today to witness what he might say, but I wonder if IT could be from the Topamax and/or Lamotragine. walgreens weight loss pills that work I real hate the thought of having to stop over these meds as they take been the only thing kerb my stage cramps. They don’t totally suffer rid of them, but I tin function! And the last clock I saw my neuro he said these were the live options. I’m 41 eld preceding and I already feel wish and old noblewoman sometimes! Do you have any unusual recommendations for steel damage/leg cramping caused from phonograph record herniation? I besides had axerophthol L4-L5 fusion in 2017 because of the herniation.

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